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Measured Madsen cleans up Night One of Aussie Title

A measured Kerry Madsen drove to a deliberate and concentrated win in the first night of the Rod Bowen’s Prestige Smash Repairs Australian Sprintcar Championship tonight at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

Madsen ran down early leader Jordyn Brazier to clear out for the win in his Keneric Racing #1 to lead home a massive charge from long time friend Warren Ferguson in the Fruitwheels #32 in second and Jamie Veal rounding out the first night podium.

“It was fun tonight,” grinned Madsen after the 30-lap A-Main, “I could move around anywhere on the track, the boys gave me a really good car. You can’t afford to take too many chances in a title like this with so many cars so I did the best I could to stay out of trouble and gain as many points as I could.”

Ferguson sizzled to 2nd place from his eighth row starting spot in one of the drives of the season.

“I knew that if the track was racy we’d have a good package for tonight,” grinned the Sydney veteran, “I knew when I got to Kerry that it was probably the end of the line in terms of passing him but I was really pleased for my team and my Dad who does so much work on this car week in week out.”

Third placed Jamie Veal salvaged a podium result and steadied the ship after initially setting Maxwell Industries Quick Time but struggling in his first heat.

“The track was really different tonight,” conceded the current WSS champion, “we had to try something very different with our set up and I don’t think we’ve really got it where we need it to be. We’ll need to be better Saturday night.”

A fierce battle between Shaun Dobson and David Murcott ended sourly when the two made contact and both DNF’d from the event whilst battling for a potential podium finish.

Murcott had started the #83 Mainline Dynalog Dynamometers entry on the front row with Brazier and had been looking strong for a third Aussie title bid on preliminary night.

Jordyn Brazier was superb early in the Cobra Bins #21 to qualify on the front row and lead for a large percentage of the main before surrendering to Kerry Madsen.

Though he faded slightly to fourth by the chequers the fourth generation racer showed plenty of confidence and car speed.

South Aussie youngster Jake Tranter was also racy in the East Coast Logistics #45 to place a career best fifth over a fast finishing Ian Loudoun in sixth, Jackson Delamont seventh, Marcus Dumesny who stomped from eighth from 20th, Grant Tunks ninth and James Thompson rounding out the top ten.

Kelly Linigen qualified straight into the A-Main in what is suggested will be her last Australian title performance to finish eleventh (after earlier timing in 9th in qualifying) ahead of Troy Little in 12th, Daniel Sayre 13th, Mitchell Gee (who won the B-Main in emphatic fashion) 14th, Ben Atkinson 15th, Matt Thomas (a career best night in many terms) 16th, Jeremy Cross 17th, Jamie Maiolo 18th ahead of Glen Sutherland and Ben Ellement placed as the last car running.

Final results:

1. Kerry Madsen (started 3)
2. Warren Ferguson (started 16)
3. Jamie Veal (started 9th)
4. Jordyn Brazier (started 2nd)
5. Jake Tranter (started 12th)
6. Ian Loudoun (started 15th)
7. Jackson Delamont (started 4th)
8. Marcus Dumesny (20th)
9. Grant Tunks (started 8th)
10. James Thompson (started 14th)
11. Kelly Linigen (started 17th)
12. Troy Little (started 13th)
13. Daniel Sayre (started 5th)
14. Mitchell Gee (started 19th)
15. Ben Atkinson (started 21st)
16. Matt Thomas (started 23rd)
17. Jeremy Cross (started 11th)
18. Jamie Maiolo (started 24th)
19. Glen Sutherland (started 18th)
20. Ben Ellement (started 7th)
21. David Murcott (DNF)
22. Shaun Dobson (DNF)
23. Mitchell Dumesny (DNF)
24. Steven Lines (DNF)

The B-Main results were:

1. Mitchell Gee
2. Marcus Dumesny
3. Ben Atkinson
4. Steven Lines
5. Matt Thomas
6. Jamie Maiolo
7. Lynton Jeffrey
8. Danny Reidy
9. AJ Nash
10. Michael Jordan
11. Matt Geering
12. Terry Kelly
13. Michael Saller
14. Kyle Caunt
15. Guy Stanshall
16. Craig Vanderstelt
17. Braydan Willmington
18. Sean Richards
19. Mark Attard
20. Richard Morgan

C-Main results were:

1. Braydan Willmington
2. Terry Kelly
3. Sean Richards
4. Matt Geering
5. Bruce White
6. Courtney O’Hehir
7. Jeff Lawler
8. Jessie Attard
9. Graham Lagerlow
10. David Craft
11. Anthony Vanderreyden
12. James Grady
13. Blake Skipper
14. Michael Matchett

Heat wins went to:

1. Mick Saller
2. Ben Ellement
3. Jake Tranter
4. Grant Tunks
5. Shaun Dobson
6. David Murcott
7. Jordyn Brazier
8. Kerry Madsen

Top Ten in Qualifying

1. Jamie Veal 12.249
2. Shaun Dobson 12.307
3. David Murcott 12.319
4. Luke Oldfield 12.349
5. Jordyn Brazier 12.392
6. Kerry Madsen 12.522
7. Jeremy Cross 12.543
8. Troy Little 12.609
9. Kelly Linigen 12.613
10. Mitchell Dumesny 12.634

The Lightning Sprints played support with Chris Davis scoring the win from Brett Davies in second place and Rodney Waters rounding out the podium.

Matt Reed was the unluckiest man of the category leading the main event until mechanical failure forced him to DNF with less than a lap to go.

The second night of the Rod Bowen’s Prestige Smash Repairs 55th SCCA Australian Sprintcar Championship is tomorrow night – Friday, January 27, 2017.

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