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Family legacies are an important part of the Australian and indeed world Speedway industry.

Here at Valvoline Raceway we are so fortunate to have many, many second, third and fourth generation racers.

Last Saturday night was an historic moment for the sport of Sprintcar Racing with a Mother and Son making the A-Main.

As far as we know that’s never happened in a mainstream Sprintcar race in this country before.

We can only imagine the pride that Peter Attard and Kim Becker must have felt as Kim and son Jessie lined up for the penultimate USC Chase round A-Main on Saturday.

Methanol runs deeply in this family’s veins.

Jessie’s grandfather Terry Becker is a pioneer of the “PCR” glory days and as the attached photo testifies he could really stand on the gas.

All of Terry’s daughters have been involved in karting or Speedway in some form or another with Kim of course being a consistent USC racer over the years.

Peter Attard (Kim’s partner and father of Alex, Jessie and Rebecca) was a stand on the gas racer too who won the 1999 PCR Track Championship when he was affectionately known as “The flying chicken farmer from Eastern Creek.”

He was also a co-promoter of the World Series Sprintcars Championship and ran Monster Truck shows across Australia.
Alex, the eldest of the boys, raced Legend Cars sporadically (still does) as does Peter’s daughter Rebecca Head.

So between the three generations Granddad Terry, Dad Peter, Mum Kim, daughter Bec and sons Jessie and Alex have all gotten clay on their helmets here at Parramatta.

We salute the legacy that Terry Becker has created and the commitment that Peter and Kim have shown to the sport.

Teenager Jessie is showing considerable potential in his rookie USC season after only several runs behind the wheel of the Supreme Poultry #53.

“The Methanol Mum” Kim is showing good form despite limited shows this season in the #55 (her Dad’s number back in the day).

We’re proud to see the next evolution of the Becker/Attard legacy rolling out here at Valvoline Raceway.

Families are what make our sport so fantastic.


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